Pram/Stroller Organiser

Pram/Stroller Hooks

Our Pram/Stroller Organiser has been designed to be as

useful as possible when space is limited.  

They are made of high quality material, have super strong velcro straps, a firm flat base and internal wire rim around the top.

With 2 extra large insulated drink holders and a number of

pockets to store your phone, keys, wallet, food and anything else you may need during an outing with your little one you

will find these organisers are an essential item.

Our Pram/Stroller Hooks are a strong multipurpose swivel hook which is very helpful when you need

that extra pair of hands.  

The velcro strap allows the hook to be easily

attached to any horizontal or vertical bar.  

They can be secured to your stroller, wheelchairs, car seat headrest and more for hanging shopping bags, nappy bags, etc.


Click on picture for more information

Click on picture for more information

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Bambino Essentials Stroller Organiser