Our Stroller Organisers have been designed to be as useful as possible when space is limited.  They are made of the highest quality material with a very strong flat base and an internal wire rim around the top.
It has 2 extra large insulated drink holders and a number of pockets to store phones, keys, wallet, food, etc.
Please note: Wholesale minimum order is 10 organisers.

Pram & Stroller Organiser-Min of 10

  • Easy to install with strong thick velcro straps to keep everything in place. They are collapsible so no need to remove them when you close the pram.
    Colour available is black.
    Measurements - Your customers will not be disappointed by how much this organiser can hold!!
    Length of body 33cm, height 17cm, width 10cm.
    The organiser will fit across a pram or stroller handle measured from the outside edge of the handles) up to 57cm wide.
    The large front zippered pocket is 22cm long x 11cm high & will hold an item up to 3.5cm thick. Great for your wallet, nappies or wipes.
    Each insulated drink holder can fit a drink bottle, coffee cup or baby bottle up to 8cm wide.
    The centre pocket is 11.5cm long x 7cm wide x 14cm deep.
    And lastly the top zippered mesh pocket is 12.5cm long x 8.5cm wide.

    Will fit all prams & strollers with the exception to some side by side doubles that do not have a centre bar.